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Required Agreements

Medly Lending™ takes data security and customer personal information very seriously. There are very few circumstances in which we may disclose customer personal information to a third party. Those disclosure circumstances are:
  • Credit reporting agencies,
  • For collection purposes, if needed,
  • For general billing,
  • To protect customers from fraud,
  • In connection with audits and security requirements,
  • And, unless customers opt out, to affiliates of Medly Lending™
I give Medly Lending™ permission to run a hard credit check with my application. Your credit score is used as part of your approval for a Medly Lending™ lease. This credit check will be reflected in your credit report and may also impact your score.

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I agree to recieve my lease contract, Privacy Policies, Disclosures, and other general communications via email.
I agree to receive additional information from Medly Lending™ and its subsidiaries.

Required Agreements

I verify the information given in connection with this lease application is true and accurate to be the best of my knowledge.

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